What: There has been latest discovery  of data  and evidence showing there is ice on Mercury.
Who: A group of scientists working at the National Aeronautics Space Administration, otherwise known as NASA, discovered the revelation. 
Why:  Scientists have been looking for life on other planets for a very long time. To live specimens need water.  So finding water, in any form, on a planet is a huge step to discovering life on another planet. 
How: A satellite named MESSENGER  (MErcury Surface Space ENvironment GEochemistry and Ranging) was sent out from NASA, and orbited  around Mercury. It used an instrument it had on board called the laser altimeter, it fires a laser at the planets surface and measures how much the light reflects back and how long it takes.  This revealed the brightest spots on the planet, ice appears especially bright  to the instrument. 
When:  In November 2012
Where:  The scientists from NASA made the discovery, although the actually spacecraft is orbiting around Mercury.

I personally think this is a very cool discovery.  If this is proven true that means that we now have many more opportunities to discover life, maybe even create life on the planet. Although, I  think we need to spend more time testing and making sure the discoveries are true and usable in furthering the operation. Overall I thought this was a very interesting article, and i would like to learn more about it when presented the opportunity.

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