For my Final Project, I create the digital footprints webpage for the online book, with the help of Max and Will. On the page we talked about digital footprints, leaving a legacy, leadership, and lollipop moments. This project is part of what I have left behind for my 7th grade legacy. I am very proud of the work that my friends and I have done, and I hope it will impact other kids learning. This project was a fun way to end a fun year. As Mr. Holman says, " It's been real, It's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun!" 

PictureTimbuktu trade map
Written by Olivia Adelman and Erica Gross.
The Inquisition, which sounds like “in question”, was a time of persecution in Europe.  It started majorly in Spain, when King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella wanted an all Catholic Kingdom. The clergy of the church would declare people heretics, which means they committed the act of heresy, which means they question the church’s authority.  If someone was found guilty of heresy they could be excommunicated, or kicked out of the church. Public execution and torture, was used to create a fear of the church, and in Spain the government. A fear that kept people at bay from hurting or even questioning the church.

West Africa is located southwest of the Sahara Desert. The two main exports of West Africa are salt and gold.  Salt helped the Europeans travel long distances because it helped keep the food fresh.  By trading gold with other places it created cultural diffusion. Mansa Musa was a man who took 70,000 people on a hajj, to Mecca, paid for all their expenses, and gave out around 4 million dollars in gold.  This period of time was called The Golden Ages because gold was a popular thing that they traded there.  During the Golden Ages Islam and Arabic were spreading all over West Africa.   

Exploration is the traveling and discovering of new things. People and countries from all over Europe started to explore and travel. Exploration was driven by the perfect mix. Humanism, education, government, technology, and science all created the perfect mix.  Prince Harry was a great leader in education, he created navigation schools and observatories. Besides Prince Harry encouraging people to explore they had their own reasons, the three G’s.  The first one is god, people would travel hoping to convert others to their religion. The second one is glory, people would explore hoping for their names to be put down in history. The last one is gold, people would explore hoping to find gold and become rich.  The most well known explorers are probably Christopher Columbus and Francisco Pizarro.

The Reformation was the changing of the churches ways. The main leader of the reformation was Martin Luther, who later created the Lutheran Church. They people didn’t like how some of the things that the Catholic Church was doing, like focusing more on politics than religion and being too wealthy. Luther wrote the 95 theses, 95 problems with the Church, and he got sent to the Diet of Worms. There they asked him to recant and he said, “I shall not recant.”  The Church then said anyone could kill him without penalty.  He was kidnapped by Frederick the Wise, and taken to his castle.  There he was safe and translated the bible into local languages which allowed people translate what it means to them and not rely on the Church to tell them what it means.  

This is the link to the google doc you can copy and paste it- https://docs.google.com/a/beachwoodstudents.org/document/d/1sI0KJXtJxJBaE6kFwa-t185W02vOsbNDoIWWMwj8J8c/edit

 Martin Luther was a monk who lived in Germany, during the renaissance, or rebirth of Europe. The Renaissance was the time when humanism was born, the idea that the individual can impact society, which was just what Martin Luther did. Martin Luther didn't always plan to become a monk, but after he survived a huge storm he promised that he would dedicate his life to the christian religion, even if it went against his father's wishes. During the time period in which Martin lived there were a lot of things the Catholic Church believed in. For example Purgatory. Purgatory was the state of afterlife in which you were neither in heaven or hell, but rather hovering in between. Here people would wait and pay off their sins through time, until they finally were let into heaven. This whole process could take hundreds of years, so this is why the Church started the sale of indulgences. Indulgences are like get out of jail free cards. They are little slips are paper that anyone is allowed to buy, that will get loved ones or themselves a direct passage to heaven, without having to wait in Purgatory. So when Martin Luther went to Rome that was exactly what he was doing, getting an indulgence for his grandmother. Once Martin was in Rome, he started to see things happening in the church that deeply upset him. For example, prostitution involved in the church, the wealthiness of the pope, people buying their way out of purgatory with indulgences, and the overuse of power and money. Later when Martin went back home, a man named Tetzel came into town selling indulgences. Martin Luther was so outraged by this he created what was called the 95 thesis and posted it so Tetzel could see it. The 95 theses is a document that basically state everything that Martin Luther  believes the Church is doing wrong.  Martin Luther's followers took the 95 theses and made many copies of it with the printing press, so now people all over europe know who Martin Luther is. Martin Luther had started a Reformation, which is an attempt to change the church.  As the renaissance was happening so was the Inquisition. The Inquisition was a trial led by members of the church to declare people that question the church heretics. Therefore a heretic is someone who questions the Church's power or how they run things. If someone is declared a heretic they could either face death or excommunication, which means they aren't allowed back into the Church.  As people started to hear about Martin Luther, they started to agree with him, and more and more people started listening to what he had to say. The Pope then made the Papal Bulls, which is a series of decrees that were directly against Martin Luther's beliefs. When Martin Luther still ignored these he was taken to the DIet of Worms, accused of being a heretic. The Diet of Worms was part of the Inquisition led by the Church. Here Martin was asked to recant, or take back what he said and he refused.  Martin then ran away, only to be kidnapped by Fredrick the Wise who took Martin away to his castle to keep him safe.  While Martin was hidden safely up in Fredrick's castle he translated the bible into Local Languages so that normal people could understand it. This allowed people to have faith alone, which means that they didn't need to be apart of the church to have faith in god, they could have faith alone. Thus, Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation, which means that normal people also have power, and will not spend all their time thinking about the church.

This compares the Church's belief to Galileo's belief.
The Renaissance Era, is the time of change. In fact a revolution of change, that I am convinced it still exists today. The french called this era of change the Renaissance, because it means "rebirth". The rebirth of society from the Classical age, the Roman and Greek Empires. The Renaissance was the time when people started to  live life. In other words #YOLO you only live once so make the best. People started to think that the individual could make a difference in the world, and started to question the Church's power. This was a time when thinking creatively and artistically were being encouraged, and people were also encouraged to become educated. 

The start of all these new ideas resulted in many things.  A very important scientist at the time whose name was Galileo, discovered that the solar system was heliocentric, the earth revolved around the sun, which was contradictory to what the Church said, which was that the sun revolved around the earth.  Another important invention that was created, was the printing press. It was a machine made by a German named Johann Gutenberg. It allowed books to be printed a lot faster, cheaper, and easier. This lead to more people learning how to read, and more people having the opportunity to become educated.  

I personally think that we are now living in a modern renaissance. Not necessarily the rebirth of society, but definitely a time of thinking and questing. Today he have achieved the impossible, from electric cars, to computers, to iphone society is definitely changing rapidly. Like the first renaissance it has its ups and downs. I don't feel we should call it a modern renaissance, I think we should call it the technological renaissance, because technology is what is changing the world.  

     The video below is the project that I chose to do. I completed this project with the help of Max Alter and Will Novak. We chose to not focus on one topic of the middle ages, but to make an overview of the major events that happened. We added value to our video by not only making a parody to the song Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, but also to Billionaire by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars. I chose to do this project, because I knew that I wanted to have fun and be creative  while I learned, and this was the perfect opportunity  for me to do that.  One of the main goals for this is project was to have it done for a set deadline, which my group fulfilled. This is one of the things that I feel my group did well, time management. By Friday of last week, we had all our filming done so all we needed to do was edit the clips over the weekend. Considering our group lost half of our film, done on the green-screen I am very proud of how well we accomplished our task on time. Another aspect of this project that I enjoyed was the freedom to think creatively, with virtually no boundaries. My group definitely  used this to our advantage. We used our lyrics to tell the story of the middle ages and incorporated different funny and creative elements into our video.  Although one thing I think we do need to take into notice is that although Mr. Holman clearly didn't give us a rubric and guidelines, groups new what to do. Why you might ask? It is because they knew his expectations of what is acceptable work to turn, something that will leave a positive digital footprint. I personally don't think my group my had any issues in completing the project. Although one thing we could have improved on was our method of dividing and conquering. I feel our video could have been improved if we had all participated in the whole process. I learned from this project that I enjoy working in a group, and that I am not only able to apply myself in a environment with lectures and books but freedom and creativity. Finally I believe I owe my group members a thank you. Editing clips on the computer wasn't my forte, but my group was able to help me understand how to do it.  They were able to teach me a new piece of technology. Overall, I had a lot of fun with this project and enjoyed it very much, I would definitely do it again. 
 It is now March 20, of 1324, I am seeing everyone around me die. The rumors we have all heard are true. The world is dying, everyone is dying, society, faith in religion, feudalism, technology, are all dying! And there is nothing to be done about it. But what could possibly do this much damage to something as strong as Europe. Very simple one disease. One disease is killing all of Europe. Seven days your surely dead, no one will bury you, from fear of catching it, you will surely die.  It is called the black death. It came from the Mongols the nomadic tribe that  came from the Black Sea. Their Empire is huge, they were even able to make the silk road safe to trade. Although, along with the trade items, they carried the disease with them. They were already immune so they didn't catch it.  The Mongols used the Black Death as the first act of biological warfare.  The Mongols were attacking a castle, and they  catapulted corpses that were effected by the Plague, into the castle, which effected everyone. Although, a few men escaped and fled to Italy. There they infected everyone, and it started to spread. 
     The symptoms are truly awful. The victims get huge fevers, they start puking, the get buboes all over their body, they start coughing up blood, and they die.   The whole process took four to seven days, then the victim died. It happens so fast, you have barely anytime to bury the dead.   People got infected so quickly, by coming in contact with fleas and rats.
     If I survive this, it will be a miracle from god himself. So now I will say this incase I depart from this world, it has been a pleasure...

  It is March 18, 1215 in the year of our lord. I have heard that the Magna Carta, in England has been signed by King John and the nobles. The Magna Carta is the document signed by the King  and the Barons in agreement that the King does not have power over the law. Apparently the Magna Carta means The Great Charter, but I don't know for sure, because I don't speak Latin. Basically the Magna Carta declares that the Barons have a say n ruling the Country and the King doesn't have power over the law.  For example some rights found in the Magna Carta are, the nobles could keep watch on the King, and if he did anything bad he could seize his castle. Another law was Habeas Corpus, which means that someone can not be put in jail unless proven guilty. Now you might be wondering why the Magna Carta was created. Well, the reason was that he made two big mistakes, the first one was that when King John was picking  the Archbishop out he didn't consult the consul of bishops. Also, he was excommunicated from the church, and the Pope took control of England.  All of these things resulted in the Magna Carta. 

March 14, 1095 A.D., in the year of our lord.  I have just heard word that the Pope has declared a crusade against the Muslims in Jerusalem.  I have a choice to go and fight or to stay and carry on with my home life. I have decided to go and leave everything I own and love behind. Now you might ask why? Well, now I am guaranteed a passage to heaven, if I fight for god. This is what every Christian strives for, so now is the perfect opportunity  for me. 

There is also another reason I am going on this crusade. What the muslims have done to Jerusalem is awful.  They won't let anyone pilgrimage to the holy city, and this is unacceptable the Pope is right we need to act, and soon! 

 We are on the road now leaving France for Jerusalem the conditions are awful, hunger, disease, freezing weather, and quarrels among the men, have taken a toll on me. I hope we get there soon I am itching to fight a worthy battle! If we win there is promise of money, land, spices, and silk. If we win it will all be worth it! Things will change in Jerusalem, just you wait! THE CRUSADERS ARE COMING!

March 5, 820, in the year of our lord. I just re-found this journal, and I reread everything that i had written, I feel it is my duty to keep writing, for I am lucky to be alive. Let me explain...

I have been a knight and ruler of my manor for about 3 years time. I have learned everything a knight should and beyond. I have been honored by kings and won jousting tournaments for fair ladies. I feel I have been a fair and earnest ruler, and I would do anything for the people of manor.  Then why, you might ask, would anyone want to attack my castle of all others.  Well this is the only reason I can think of; I am rich and I have a lot of land, and that is what drives men to do crazy things.
And the lord of the neighboring manor was definitely crazy. It all started three weeks ago, when my page found a man spying on us, in the fields. My men brought him to me, and we performed one of the most effective kinds of torture the, the chinese water torture.  This torture is one that causes no physical pain, but tortures the mind. That was how we were able to get the information out of him. They were going to attack at midnight of next week. He then told us their battle plans, I was going to be ready.

I saved two months worth of  food for my whole village, and tons of water. They could not starve us out.  We have all we need for medicine, rubs, herbs, ointment, and poutices. My blacksmiths worked day and night, creating all sorts of weapons.  The most popular of them are bows, arrows, swords, spears, lances, and maces. We created cauldrons and cauldrons of greek fire. Got our catapults and battering rams ready, and finally just in time got all of our women and children into the castle, anyone that could fight would. The less experienced fighters would protect the inside of the castle and keep the women and children safe. The arrow-men would take their place behind or many battlements, the spearmen with their spears and shields would also take their various positions.  The siege towers are being heavily guarded by nights and soldiers, if even one of them is overthrown we are all done for. The enemy is strong but I am stronger. Our castle is built with two walls protecting it, the outer wall and the inner wall.  The outer wall goes three feet down into the ground, is three feet thick, and 30 feet tall. If someone happens to get past that there is a moat that is filled with nasty things. To get across that you need the drawbridge that will take you through the inner part of the castle. Here you will find murder holes and arrow loops.  If you go further in, you will see the keep supported by the finest buttresses I could afford. My men are trained, fierce, and prepared to die, this is a battle we will not lose. 

These were my thoughts as I prepared throughout that week. They did exactly as the spy had said, and we were able to overcome them in about three days time. Although there were some very near death experiences, I lost too many men, we are burying them soon, but that is why I felt it was my duty to write.

This is an illuminated manuscript
 It is February 26, 800 in the year of or lord. I have been writing in this telling you all about me, and my life, now I will tell you about other things. For example, art. Art is apart of my life everyday.   Everyday I go to pray in the church, and the church I where I see most of the artwork of the time.  Let me explain to you our style of art...

In the time that I live now, artwork is dull and flat. There is no depth and no color, although it is still beautiful. Probably the most beautiful of the artwork I have ever seen, is when  went to Notre Dame cathedral and I saw  on of their illuminated manuscripts. An illuminated manuscript is a bound book that tells a religious story. It is decorated with elaborate gold leafing and colored in with pains made from different plants and minerals. Illuminated  manuscripts are done by hand, everything is by hand. From making the parchment, to writing the words, to drawing the pictures and filling them in, and to binding the pages together.  For one book it would be a lifetime of work for multiple people, and they didn't  get credit.  
       When I visited Notre Dame I saw beautiful stained glass windows. Stained glass windows are windows thats glass is fused with colors. They tell the story of the bible and they are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. That is whyI went to a cathedral, you really on see these kinds of art their. We have some art in our Church but not a lot. Although we have a relic, it is a cup from the last dinner. It is very interesting and it has always fascinated me. I also love to hear the music from the church.  This is why I love going to church, I get to see all different types of art and music. There may not be a lot of types of art, but it holds a big place in my heart.