This is an illuminated manuscript
 It is February 26, 800 in the year of or lord. I have been writing in this telling you all about me, and my life, now I will tell you about other things. For example, art. Art is apart of my life everyday.   Everyday I go to pray in the church, and the church I where I see most of the artwork of the time.  Let me explain to you our style of art...

In the time that I live now, artwork is dull and flat. There is no depth and no color, although it is still beautiful. Probably the most beautiful of the artwork I have ever seen, is when  went to Notre Dame cathedral and I saw  on of their illuminated manuscripts. An illuminated manuscript is a bound book that tells a religious story. It is decorated with elaborate gold leafing and colored in with pains made from different plants and minerals. Illuminated  manuscripts are done by hand, everything is by hand. From making the parchment, to writing the words, to drawing the pictures and filling them in, and to binding the pages together.  For one book it would be a lifetime of work for multiple people, and they didn't  get credit.  
       When I visited Notre Dame I saw beautiful stained glass windows. Stained glass windows are windows thats glass is fused with colors. They tell the story of the bible and they are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. That is whyI went to a cathedral, you really on see these kinds of art their. We have some art in our Church but not a lot. Although we have a relic, it is a cup from the last dinner. It is very interesting and it has always fascinated me. I also love to hear the music from the church.  This is why I love going to church, I get to see all different types of art and music. There may not be a lot of types of art, but it holds a big place in my heart.


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