1. Democracy –a system of government  that is controlled by the people of the state
2. Direct Democracy- a form of democracy  where the people vote directly on the policies
3. Representative Democracy- you vote for someone that makes the choices for  you
4. Oligarchy- a small group of people having control of a country
5. Theocracy-  a system of government that is based of religion
6. Monarchy- a form  government  ruled by a king and then power passed down to the son
7. Polis- a city-state in Greece
8. Classic Age- a 200 year period in Greek culture lasting from the 5th through 4th centuries BC

          After I got back from Athens, I went to lunch. Although, stupid me, after lunch I opened my locker, to put my lunchbox away, and here I am, back in Ancient Greece. It's kinda weird I guess. You know having a super locker portal, but I think it's cool. I am walking, and all of a sudden I get pushed into this huge crowd that is heading into a huge area, that was very crowded. Only men, because they are the only ones able to vote. Apparently, the place I got pushed into was the assembly. I look around, the jury is sitting at the very front of the crowd. And there are two big podiums, with two lavish men behind them. All of a sudden, a hush went over the all the people. Everyone waited intently, to hear the issue.  Then the debate started, I was in the middle of the sweaty crowd, so I was able to hear most of what they were saying. I felt bad for the people in the back, how were they supposed to vote if they didn’t even hear the argument. Both sides were very persuasive. The person who didn’t want the law to pass, was making the argument that there would be traitors, if we started letting everyone become a citizen. Also, how the original citizens, wouldn’t get as much say, and more people would be taking up land and space. The person who wanted the law to pass, was making the argument that Athens was a democracy everyone should have a right to have a say in their community. If a man comes back from fighting a war, for Athens, and he rightfully did his duty, then he should at  least have the honor of being considered a citizen. It went on like this for a while, then there was a break in between, and everyone was talking about what they thought. Most people didn’t want the law to pass, this is kind of what they sounded like, “We cannot let this law take place,  if we start letting foreigners be apart of Athens, next thing you know women will vote, and slavery will not be allowed! I will not stand for this outrage.” After what seemed like a few minutes, the dirty looking crowd hushed again, as the voting began. I walked away, this isn’t my country, why should I vote. I went into the shade and thought about the arguments, they were both fair. Then I remember how the voting process worked, I decided to go back and see if the law got passed. Arriving just as the vote was done being counted, I waited eagerly.  The jury announced that the law was not going to be passed, and the assembly was over.  I spilled out of the area with the rest of the crowd, and walked down to the market.

As I walked in the market, I thought about what my vote could have done, for the commoners. I was going to vote for the law to pass. Now, the people have little to no chance of becoming a citizen,  and  barely any opportunity to make  their child’s life better. I wonder if my vote could have changed anything?

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