March 5, 820, in the year of our lord. I just re-found this journal, and I reread everything that i had written, I feel it is my duty to keep writing, for I am lucky to be alive. Let me explain...

I have been a knight and ruler of my manor for about 3 years time. I have learned everything a knight should and beyond. I have been honored by kings and won jousting tournaments for fair ladies. I feel I have been a fair and earnest ruler, and I would do anything for the people of manor.  Then why, you might ask, would anyone want to attack my castle of all others.  Well this is the only reason I can think of; I am rich and I have a lot of land, and that is what drives men to do crazy things.
And the lord of the neighboring manor was definitely crazy. It all started three weeks ago, when my page found a man spying on us, in the fields. My men brought him to me, and we performed one of the most effective kinds of torture the, the chinese water torture.  This torture is one that causes no physical pain, but tortures the mind. That was how we were able to get the information out of him. They were going to attack at midnight of next week. He then told us their battle plans, I was going to be ready.

I saved two months worth of  food for my whole village, and tons of water. They could not starve us out.  We have all we need for medicine, rubs, herbs, ointment, and poutices. My blacksmiths worked day and night, creating all sorts of weapons.  The most popular of them are bows, arrows, swords, spears, lances, and maces. We created cauldrons and cauldrons of greek fire. Got our catapults and battering rams ready, and finally just in time got all of our women and children into the castle, anyone that could fight would. The less experienced fighters would protect the inside of the castle and keep the women and children safe. The arrow-men would take their place behind or many battlements, the spearmen with their spears and shields would also take their various positions.  The siege towers are being heavily guarded by nights and soldiers, if even one of them is overthrown we are all done for. The enemy is strong but I am stronger. Our castle is built with two walls protecting it, the outer wall and the inner wall.  The outer wall goes three feet down into the ground, is three feet thick, and 30 feet tall. If someone happens to get past that there is a moat that is filled with nasty things. To get across that you need the drawbridge that will take you through the inner part of the castle. Here you will find murder holes and arrow loops.  If you go further in, you will see the keep supported by the finest buttresses I could afford. My men are trained, fierce, and prepared to die, this is a battle we will not lose. 

These were my thoughts as I prepared throughout that week. They did exactly as the spy had said, and we were able to overcome them in about three days time. Although there were some very near death experiences, I lost too many men, we are burying them soon, but that is why I felt it was my duty to write.


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