March 14, 1095 A.D., in the year of our lord.  I have just heard word that the Pope has declared a crusade against the Muslims in Jerusalem.  I have a choice to go and fight or to stay and carry on with my home life. I have decided to go and leave everything I own and love behind. Now you might ask why? Well, now I am guaranteed a passage to heaven, if I fight for god. This is what every Christian strives for, so now is the perfect opportunity  for me. 

There is also another reason I am going on this crusade. What the muslims have done to Jerusalem is awful.  They won't let anyone pilgrimage to the holy city, and this is unacceptable the Pope is right we need to act, and soon! 

 We are on the road now leaving France for Jerusalem the conditions are awful, hunger, disease, freezing weather, and quarrels among the men, have taken a toll on me. I hope we get there soon I am itching to fight a worthy battle! If we win there is promise of money, land, spices, and silk. If we win it will all be worth it! Things will change in Jerusalem, just you wait! THE CRUSADERS ARE COMING!


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