In the day of lord February 7, 800, life is well. Besides being lonely most of the time now, because my sister wed, I find enjoyments in the simple daily life. So far, everyone on the manor is doing well, we are prosperous. Everyone in our manor  is fed and everyone keeps warm during winter. Life hear is the same day in and out. 

Everyday I wake up at dawn and have mass and pray. But before I go out, I change into appropriate dress. Although today I put on my fitted surcoat, with my coat of arms on it. My sleeves puff out importantly and I put on some of my fathers old regalia, and I am off to the Church. I go to church everyday and pray with the priest. Then I go back to my manor house and eat breakfast and eat stew with bread. Bread is easily affordable for me, and I go hunting all the time. Most food I can afford, but I don't ned much since it is just me living in  the House at the moment. After breakfast, I would go to my knight training. I have passed the stage of being a page, which is when I would learn archery, swordsmanship, and do other duties for the lord. Now, I am a squire. I concentrate on skill and speed with my weapon. I care for the horses, clean the stables, polish the knights armor, and maintain his weapons. I don't mind it, accept for the cleaning of the armor, it takes hours and it is a potent job But that is all later in my day now i learn how to read and write, because otherwise I am looked down upon. I sit on the floor and listen to the teacher as I write notes down on my wooden tablet with my bone. I learn the Chivalric codes of conduct, and listen to the epics of Arthur and Lancelot. In a few years, I will be ready to be a knight. Then I have my mid morning prayers and a meal, usually the same as the other stew and bread. After this, I usually practice all of the skills stated above, like horsemanship and swordsmanship. Sometimes I accompany my lord on hunting trips around the manor. After this, I have evening prayer, and then supper. Usually for supper we have mutton or pheasant. After supper there is music, dancing, and sometimes even jesters or jugglers. After those festivities are over I have bedtime prayer, and then reside up into my sleeping chambers. 

Although, sometimes this daily routine was interrupted  by festivals, the most important of course being from Christmas Eve to Twelfth day. This is a vacation for all workers, and that is when the Lord of the manor is particularly generous. Christmas and then Easter probably come in second and third place. But otherwise this daily routine is constant. 

The video below is helpful to understanding what a squire does.


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