In the year of our lord, 700.  I am beginning to enjoy writing in this journal. I feel that someday, it will make an impact on someone, hopefully for the better. I suppose I should catch, whomever is currently reading this entry, up on the recent events that have occurred. 

My sister will be married off very soon, I am nervous if it is a good choice, but he is the choice my parents picked for her, at the age of two. Their money will support us until I become a knight. Although, until then I will continue  to serve as a squire, and run what is now my manor house. Incase whomever is currently reading this, is a complete dimwit and has no idea what a manor house is, I shall explain it. A manor is the estate that any noble, knight, or king lives on that is farmed by serfs. A serf is a peasant. My father received this land as a fief, directly from the king. And again just to make sure that anyone who might read this understands it, a fief is land given to another person of a lower social class, in trade of an oath of protection. Since my father received a fief, he is considered a vassal, or a person that receives land.  So it is my duty, when I become a knight, to not only protect the king, but protect people in other social classes. For example, the serfs that live on my manor, in trade of my protection and land they farm for me. It is the Manor system and Feudal system, as people call it.  Since I am a knight, I live by a code of Chivalry, or a code or moral, social, and religious values. One of my religious values, is that God is almighty, and you must follow his commandments.   As law, everyone must give one tenth of what they earn to the church, and one tenth to the lord above you in the social class, this provides the Church with income and necessities. Everyday I pray with the priest that runs the church my father built. The church is grand and beautiful, its location lies in the middle of the manor, and every end of the work week everyone on the manor comes together to pray. On my manor it is as much law, as rights. Talking about rights, I have many. I have the right to hunt, wear spurs, and for safe convoy. Although there are three rights, that when I become a knight, I will receive that other people don't have.  I have the right to receive a double ration, when taken as a prisoner of war. I have the right to a years delay if a creditor wants to take my land, and I have the right never to be tortured if caught in battle, unless I committed a crime. Although, these rights don't affect my relationships with the other social classes at all. I believe this Feudal system isn't fair, but what is there to do about it. All I can personally do, is be a good lord to my serfs, and a good vassal to my lords. When I am a knight, I will create a great protection plan for my whole manor, if we happen to be attacked. That way my serfs know I will be loyal to them as long as they are loyal to me. I don't believe in cruel and unusual punishment. If someone does something wrong they will get what they deserve and that is all. I vow when I become a knight to always protect my king, his word is god and it is my duty to obey him, as long as I shall live.  That is just one way how I shall show my part in the feudal system.  Feudalism is spread by marriage, church and war. I have no control over how it spreads or if it does, I just don't believe it is fair. 

The Youtube video featured below, is a fun way to understand some of the duties of a knight. 


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