...In the year of our lord December 4, 476
       To whomever may find this journal, please know that my words are true and the events described hereafter are creating chaos throughout the Empire.  I am Tiberius.  Son of Marcus Augustus, husband to Aelia and a scribe to the mighty Roman Empire.  I live in the city of Rome and I want to create a record of the events that none of us thought would happen, in our life time or our children's.  The Empire is collapsing!  We have abandoned all hope and the city is being emptied of all its precious items.  They are being moved to the city of Constantinople in the eastern part of the Empire.  Now I will describe the reasons for the peril that now plagues the good citizens of the Roman Empire...

        Why try? Why waste your time?  The moment to flee is now. Leave Rome and its despair behind. But I, I will never leave. This is the Empire I have lived in my whole life, this is my culture, this is me. Not in the holy name of god would I ever abandon this nation, at the time it needs me most. That would be the sin of a 100 lifetimes. Although, I can't fight, I was never trained and I would die instantly in a battle. Although, I will stay here through the failing government, at a time of corruption and inflation, I will stay. I will not leave through a time of starvation, hardship, and fighting. I will tell my wife and my kids to leave, taking every penny I own, although I will not leave.
       I now am going to write about what caused us to be in this situation. I want whomever the future reader of this journal is, to understand what is actually happening in the city of Rome. Within the city there is corruption and inflation, the wealthy are dying along with the government. The people are  trying to survive, not knowing what to do. On all borders of the empire the savages attack. Those monstrosities raid, rape, pillage, and plunder villages, cities, and towns, showing no mercy. We call them barbarians. You can't hide from within the city, and you can't hide outside of the city. YOU CAN'T HIDE!

      If I survive this, which I don't, believe is possible, I definitely won't survive the coming times. I have read and recorded thousands of ancient roman texts, there are many  about times when the romans conquered villages and cities. The people that survived didn't know what to do. They fought with each other to gain power, there was chaos and fear streaked into everyone. So much so, that when the romans claimed them part of their empire, that most of the people gladly came.  The Barbarians will cause fear chaos and corruption. People will fight with each other to gain power. There will not be another empire,  nothing will replace what was the roman empire. Kingdoms may arise, tiny nations of people, some may grow stronger than the others. I for one would rather die a slow painful death defending this dying world, than in the making of a new harsher one.  To whomever is the future reader of this journal, know that I Tiberius have written this to honor this falling empire. I wrote this so not all records will be lost, I wrote this to give a better understanding of the time, I wrote this for the greatest Empire of all time ROME.


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