Rome's geography impacted it's civilization.   The Alps were a natural barrier that  protected  Rome from northern civilizations, like the Gal’s, the Germanic Tribes, and the Slavs.  The Alps kept the Romans  from invading the north, and claiming it apart of their Empire.  The Mediterranean protected Rome from invaders, because most countries at the time were not very good seafarers.  They were good seafarers so they were able to travel by boat and trade with other  places, because of the Mediterranean.  Italy and Greece are alike in many ways.  Both Italy and Greece are peninsulas, which means they are surrounded by water on three sides,  in this case  the land  border is to the north. Also, both Italy and Greece  have a warm mild climate all year round. Although Italy and Greece contrast in many ways.  Italy is much thinner and longer then Greece, and the middle of the country is divided vertically by the Apennines. Rome’s terrain was much more hilly and elevated than Greece.     


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