The video below is the project that I chose to do. I completed this project with the help of Max Alter and Will Novak. We chose to not focus on one topic of the middle ages, but to make an overview of the major events that happened. We added value to our video by not only making a parody to the song Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, but also to Billionaire by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars. I chose to do this project, because I knew that I wanted to have fun and be creative  while I learned, and this was the perfect opportunity  for me to do that.  One of the main goals for this is project was to have it done for a set deadline, which my group fulfilled. This is one of the things that I feel my group did well, time management. By Friday of last week, we had all our filming done so all we needed to do was edit the clips over the weekend. Considering our group lost half of our film, done on the green-screen I am very proud of how well we accomplished our task on time. Another aspect of this project that I enjoyed was the freedom to think creatively, with virtually no boundaries. My group definitely  used this to our advantage. We used our lyrics to tell the story of the middle ages and incorporated different funny and creative elements into our video.  Although one thing I think we do need to take into notice is that although Mr. Holman clearly didn't give us a rubric and guidelines, groups new what to do. Why you might ask? It is because they knew his expectations of what is acceptable work to turn, something that will leave a positive digital footprint. I personally don't think my group my had any issues in completing the project. Although one thing we could have improved on was our method of dividing and conquering. I feel our video could have been improved if we had all participated in the whole process. I learned from this project that I enjoy working in a group, and that I am not only able to apply myself in a environment with lectures and books but freedom and creativity. Finally I believe I owe my group members a thank you. Editing clips on the computer wasn't my forte, but my group was able to help me understand how to do it.  They were able to teach me a new piece of technology. Overall, I had a lot of fun with this project and enjoyed it very much, I would definitely do it again. 

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