This is Notre Dame Cathedral
It is February 21, 800 in the year of our lord. This is now my 5th entry in this journal, I truly hope someone will learn from this someday.  Although, I will write either way. This entry is about my religion. It is the heart and soul of what I do, and why I do it. Everything I do in this life is so that God will allow me into heaven when I pass, where I can have a better life.  From the time I was birthed, I have followed this religion and been holy to my God. I have followed the seven sacraments, well all that I can at this age. I was baptized in the Church on this very manor and I also had my Eucharist  in the Church on this very manor.  In case you have been to the barbers lately and you are light in the head, I will explain what they both are. Baptism is when a person is accepted into the Catholic religion, and when they embrace God. Eucharist is when we give thanks to God for his undying love, and affection.  I have just recently started Reconciliation. Reconciliation is when we follow conversion, confession, and celebration, to have God forgive us, and us forgive for our sins.  For my reconciliation I made a pilgrimage down to Notre Dame Cathedral. A Cathedral is a large  grand church, where the bishop and archbishop lives. This was the first time I have left the manor, without my knights company, it was an experience to never forget. 
                 I got to Notre Dame Cathedral safely after a few days, because I had the right to safe convoy. Although, it doesn't matter how safely I got there, because I almost fainted when I saw the massive structure. It was the most beautiful thins I have ever seen.  On the outside the flying buttresses and the stain glass windows, caught my eye first showing the craftsmanship and time it took to make them. When I walked in, I saw the Holy Arch, Gothic Arches, Relics of the Saints, Regalia, and Groin Vault. It took a while to take it all in, I never wanted to leave. I sat there praying for hours. When I finally left I felt like a new person. As I was riding back to my manor, I realized that the Church truly has complete control over my life. I pray three times a day, listen to whatever the priests tell me to do, give 10% of what I own to them, and never doubt God. I guess this is just how powerful God can be, he controls everything and everyone and that is the way it will always be. I suppose I wouldn't mind a few changes in the system. For example, if everyone could learn to read and understand latin, the language of the bible and if we could actually see and talk to the Pope, that would be nice. Although that will never happen, that just isn't how life works. But life is good, and 


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