This compares the Church's belief to Galileo's belief.
The Renaissance Era, is the time of change. In fact a revolution of change, that I am convinced it still exists today. The french called this era of change the Renaissance, because it means "rebirth". The rebirth of society from the Classical age, the Roman and Greek Empires. The Renaissance was the time when people started to  live life. In other words #YOLO you only live once so make the best. People started to think that the individual could make a difference in the world, and started to question the Church's power. This was a time when thinking creatively and artistically were being encouraged, and people were also encouraged to become educated. 

The start of all these new ideas resulted in many things.  A very important scientist at the time whose name was Galileo, discovered that the solar system was heliocentric, the earth revolved around the sun, which was contradictory to what the Church said, which was that the sun revolved around the earth.  Another important invention that was created, was the printing press. It was a machine made by a German named Johann Gutenberg. It allowed books to be printed a lot faster, cheaper, and easier. This lead to more people learning how to read, and more people having the opportunity to become educated.  

I personally think that we are now living in a modern renaissance. Not necessarily the rebirth of society, but definitely a time of thinking and questing. Today he have achieved the impossible, from electric cars, to computers, to iphone society is definitely changing rapidly. Like the first renaissance it has its ups and downs. I don't feel we should call it a modern renaissance, I think we should call it the technological renaissance, because technology is what is changing the world.  


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