It is now March 20, of 1324, I am seeing everyone around me die. The rumors we have all heard are true. The world is dying, everyone is dying, society, faith in religion, feudalism, technology, are all dying! And there is nothing to be done about it. But what could possibly do this much damage to something as strong as Europe. Very simple one disease. One disease is killing all of Europe. Seven days your surely dead, no one will bury you, from fear of catching it, you will surely die.  It is called the black death. It came from the Mongols the nomadic tribe that  came from the Black Sea. Their Empire is huge, they were even able to make the silk road safe to trade. Although, along with the trade items, they carried the disease with them. They were already immune so they didn't catch it.  The Mongols used the Black Death as the first act of biological warfare.  The Mongols were attacking a castle, and they  catapulted corpses that were effected by the Plague, into the castle, which effected everyone. Although, a few men escaped and fled to Italy. There they infected everyone, and it started to spread. 
     The symptoms are truly awful. The victims get huge fevers, they start puking, the get buboes all over their body, they start coughing up blood, and they die.   The whole process took four to seven days, then the victim died. It happens so fast, you have barely anytime to bury the dead.   People got infected so quickly, by coming in contact with fleas and rats.
     If I survive this, it will be a miracle from god himself. So now I will say this incase I depart from this world, it has been a pleasure...


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