It is March 18, 1215 in the year of our lord. I have heard that the Magna Carta, in England has been signed by King John and the nobles. The Magna Carta is the document signed by the King  and the Barons in agreement that the King does not have power over the law. Apparently the Magna Carta means The Great Charter, but I don't know for sure, because I don't speak Latin. Basically the Magna Carta declares that the Barons have a say n ruling the Country and the King doesn't have power over the law.  For example some rights found in the Magna Carta are, the nobles could keep watch on the King, and if he did anything bad he could seize his castle. Another law was Habeas Corpus, which means that someone can not be put in jail unless proven guilty. Now you might be wondering why the Magna Carta was created. Well, the reason was that he made two big mistakes, the first one was that when King John was picking  the Archbishop out he didn't consult the consul of bishops. Also, he was excommunicated from the church, and the Pope took control of England.  All of these things resulted in the Magna Carta. 


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