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Written by Olivia Adelman and Erica Gross.
The Inquisition, which sounds like “in question”, was a time of persecution in Europe.  It started majorly in Spain, when King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella wanted an all Catholic Kingdom. The clergy of the church would declare people heretics, which means they committed the act of heresy, which means they question the church’s authority.  If someone was found guilty of heresy they could be excommunicated, or kicked out of the church. Public execution and torture, was used to create a fear of the church, and in Spain the government. A fear that kept people at bay from hurting or even questioning the church.

West Africa is located southwest of the Sahara Desert. The two main exports of West Africa are salt and gold.  Salt helped the Europeans travel long distances because it helped keep the food fresh.  By trading gold with other places it created cultural diffusion. Mansa Musa was a man who took 70,000 people on a hajj, to Mecca, paid for all their expenses, and gave out around 4 million dollars in gold.  This period of time was called The Golden Ages because gold was a popular thing that they traded there.  During the Golden Ages Islam and Arabic were spreading all over West Africa.   

Exploration is the traveling and discovering of new things. People and countries from all over Europe started to explore and travel. Exploration was driven by the perfect mix. Humanism, education, government, technology, and science all created the perfect mix.  Prince Harry was a great leader in education, he created navigation schools and observatories. Besides Prince Harry encouraging people to explore they had their own reasons, the three G’s.  The first one is god, people would travel hoping to convert others to their religion. The second one is glory, people would explore hoping for their names to be put down in history. The last one is gold, people would explore hoping to find gold and become rich.  The most well known explorers are probably Christopher Columbus and Francisco Pizarro.

The Reformation was the changing of the churches ways. The main leader of the reformation was Martin Luther, who later created the Lutheran Church. They people didn’t like how some of the things that the Catholic Church was doing, like focusing more on politics than religion and being too wealthy. Luther wrote the 95 theses, 95 problems with the Church, and he got sent to the Diet of Worms. There they asked him to recant and he said, “I shall not recant.”  The Church then said anyone could kill him without penalty.  He was kidnapped by Frederick the Wise, and taken to his castle.  There he was safe and translated the bible into local languages which allowed people translate what it means to them and not rely on the Church to tell them what it means.  

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