...MARCH 15, 550
Last week my father passed from this world to heaven.  While his death still haunts my dreams, I decided to go through his most precious belongings.  I cannot bear to live with so many reminders of his life.  As I was sorting through his storage chest, I came across an old book.  The pages were yellowed with age and written in a language of which  I knew not.  I took the book to the local priest.  He knew the words on the pages as ancient Latin, a language reserved for The Holy Bible.  The priest translated the words and to my surprise it belonged to an ancestor of mine whom departed this life nearly 100 years ago.  I decided to keep the diary and record the events of my life. This is my first entry....

My name is Oliva, actually soon to be Sir Oliva of Poitou. I am training to be a knight. I am 15 years old, the great great grandson of Tiberius of Rome. During the fall of Rome, my great great grandfather sent his family on a long trip to France. He sent with them everything of value he owned. Although, my great great grandfather did not go with them. He stayed back and defended his Empire till the very end. We are not sure how he died, although, they called him a hero. That is why I am becoming a knight, I want to be a hero like my great great grandfather and a man like my father. I also want to be fair and true to  the people that live on my manor, I want to make the decisions. Since I come from one of the most wealthy knights in all of the realm, I will be able to treat my people well. In return, they will work honestly and fair to me. That is the least I can do. I have come to the realization that life isn't fair.  Brilliant people are forced to work on farms, and ignorant, self centered, stupid people are leading the kingdom. Life isn't fair.  Although, I am very lucky, I was born into a wealthy family, that loves me. My mother passed years ago, I barley remember her. Now since my father passed, it is just my sister and I. I plan to wed her to my best friend. She is 13 years old. I need the money to keep the property, before I become a knight. I am right now a squire. I  learn about Chivalry, the rules of Heraldry, horsemanship and practice the use of weapons and the skills required of a Knight. It is also my duty to enter into the social life of the castle and learn courtly etiquette, jousting, music and dancing. I will serve in the role for three more years,  at the age of 18,  I will become a knight. I will be a knight of honor and friendship. I will be the best! 
         I will continue living in the castle my father built, Charentes of Poitou,  in the noble kingdom of France.   I realize now, because of my knight training, that my father built this castle in a prime location. It is surrounded by forest elevated on a little hill. There is a river nearby, and the manor people are never worried about invasion. The pointed tops of the castle and the coat of arms hanging on the walls are familiar to me.  They will help me to always remember my father, and what he did for France.


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