1. Geography- the science of studying land,  and analyzing it 
2. Peninsula- an area of land that is surrounded by water on three sides
3. Dependency- something that relies on something else
4. City-state- an area of land that governs itself
5. Nationalism- loyalty to a country
6. Citizenship- membership in a community
7. Export-to send something away to a different place
 8. Colony-a territory that is under the power of a different nation                         9. Impede- to slow something down
 10. Promote –to advance in something

Ring! Ring!  I heard the bell and headed for my locker I had to put my things away, because it was time for lunch.  I turn the lock, 28 to the right, 52 to the left, and 5 to the right. Worked just as usual... but it was't any usual, at all.  All of a  sudden I saw a blinding light, and  it felt like I got shoved into my locker, most like someone was pushing me from behind. I most have been knocked out or something, because I was seeing things. In fact I was almost positive I was in  ancient Athens, Greece.  I knew it was Athens, because it is flat and sprawled out, and it was right on the water. The majestic mountains surrounded me, as I slowly walked through the town.  I look around and everyone is wearing a toga, I look down still thinking I am wearing my school clothes, but somehow I am in a toga! All the people, where bustling around the busy port, trading and sending boats out into the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. No seemed to notice me, so I kept walking . All of a sudden a man offered to sell me some type of seafood, just fished out of the sea. I kindly declined and kept going, curious, confused, and intrigued. The mild climate, lead to everything to be outside. I overheard a small part of a conversation, where a young woman was complaining about the farm land being no good, and how she needed to travel to Sparta, but to go across the flatland and mountains, were to dangerous. Various other people were talking about the same thing. Beachwood  is more condensed then Athens, I enjoy that about Beachwood, everything is convenient and easy to get to. Where as in Athens everything is more spread out, and less convenient. In Athens, I noticed how everything is held outside and  all social life exists on the streets. In Beachwood,  we can only outside for half of the year, and everything social is mostly inside. I think Beachwood was successful in  its geography. We  are near the cuyahoga river and lake erie.  I missed Beachwood.  I needed to go back and tell everyone, what I discovered! But how do I get back, I don't see my locker anymore? Just then I saw it, I saw the temple of Arcopolis, I knew that was where I nhat eeded to go. I went to he temple and told the gods my tale, they understood. All of a sudden I was walking down he hall, to the lunch room, my head hurt so bad that I fell down the stairs!! Well I guess it is fitting that a crazy tale, have a crazy ending! 

Copy this address to a helpful youtube video, about Athens, Greece: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1hVyo_7mt8 


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